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11 December 2010 @ 03:33 pm
Christmas Ficlets  
For pearldrop
Tangled, Eugene/Rapunzel

“You’ve never heard of Christmas?!” Eugene asks her, on December 2nd, with all the force an exclamation point can offer. “Yule, the Season, the Holidays? You’ve never heard of Christmas?”

“No?” Rapunzel shrugs. “What is it, some sort of party?”

“Some sort of…some sort of party?” His exasperation has filled his chest to the point where he seems to expand before her, inflating like a balloon. “It’s only the most wonderful time of the year.”

She shrugs again, slides a hand across the back of her neck where her hair tickles the skin. “What’s it for?”

“It’s a day, every year, when people just give you things. Ever year!” He pauses for emphasis. “For free!”

“Like a birthday?”


“But I’ve already got a birthday.”

“Not like this.”

The decorators had arrived that morning to fill the castle with Christmas cheer. As great green garlands were woven along Rapunzel’s favorite sliding banister, Eugene attempted to explain the holiday to her.

Unfortunately his perspective was a bit skewed.

“People go out with the sole purpose of purchasing gifts for you. Without any ulterior motives. They just want you to be happy with their present.”

“But don’t you get them things in return?”

He paused, as though the idea hadn’t occurred to him. “I suppose.”

“So it’s about giving, this holiday.”

He shrugged. “For some people. I’m fond of the getting myself.”

She smiled. “Eugene.”

“There are other things, too,” he says. “Besides the presents, that is.”


“There are songs…carols. And Christmas trees—best smell in the world. Oh, and peppermint! Peppermint is huge at Christmas.”


“Yeah. Dip a peppermint stick in some cocoa, swirl it around and you’ve got yourself a tasty drink.”

“I like peppermint.”

He smiled. “I know.”

“And singing! I love to sing!”

“Come on,” he said, as a group of men and women began to sing in the castle foyer. “I’ll teach you the words to ‘Deck the Halls.’”


For frotcake
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess

I actually wrote this four years ago, in December 2006, and then I never posted it. But I cleaned it up a little, revised, and here it is!

They exchange gifts on the bridge at midnight, Christmas Eve. There’s snow on the ground, but it’s three days old and muddied by footprints and time. He pulls her down onto the damp planks to hand over his present and the cold slush seeps through the butt of her jeans.

He’s got a glint in his eye that she’s not familiar with. She’d be lying if she said she’d never seen him genuinely happy, she has, but she’s never seen him like this. He’s excited, she realizes as his grip on her hand tightens. If he wasn’t working so hard to keep an almost-frown on his face he’d look manic.

Her gift (an independently published paperback she found at a small store in Hartford) is heavy in the pocket of her red coat (which she’ll have to get dry cleaned, she realizes). She pulls the fabric a little tighter around herself and looks up at him with a smile. “You couldn’t think of anywhere warmer to do this?” she asks.

“No,” he says. He shrugs. “I like it here.”

“So you’ve said.”

He grins then, an honest to God grin. “Yeah, well...” He reaches a hand into the pocket of his coat and pulls out a box. It’s neatly wrapped in bright green paper. “Here,” he says, thrusting it into her hands. She smiles at him. “I was going to get you a book, but I saw this and…just open it.”

She pulls the tape away slowly, just opening one end. She can see the corners of a box, no bigger than the palm of her hand, and she slides it out of the wrapping paper, pulls off the lid. She can’t see what’s inside at first. The box is full of black padding and it’s a dark night. She moves a bit till the light hits it. Inside there’s the glint of a chain.

“You got me a necklace?” she asks as she pulls it out of the box.

He nods but doesn’t say anything, just watches her face as she examines the tiny silver pendant, laces the chain through her fingers.

“It’s beautiful, Jess.”

“You like it?” he asks, “because I have the receipt, I can return it for something else, if you want.”

“I love it,” she tells him and scoots closer on the damp wood to kiss him on the corner of his mouth. “It’s perfect and I love it,” she repeats.
pearldrop: [Disney] Happy Arielpearldrop on December 11th, 2010 08:44 pm (UTC)
Aww, I could hear their voices perfectly, reading the Tangled drabble. It's adorable and perfect for the holidays. ♥
the pirate's daughter: gg | R/J; meet me in between the pagesfrotcake on December 11th, 2010 09:28 pm (UTC)
Awwww. Gifts! Excited Jess! The bridge! Them being cute and adorable on it! ♥ Thanks so much, Elizabeth! :D

It's perfect and I love it.
the fuckest uppestbroken__records on December 12th, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)