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Title The Boyfriend Tour of North America
Fandom Gilmore Girls
Pairing Rory/Jess, Logan, Dean
Rating T
Word Count 1453
Summary "You are overwhelmed by the transience of your life—November and a place to call home seem far away."

Palo Alto, Stars Hollow, PhiladelphiaCollapse )
14 August 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Seth/Veronica, LondonCollapse )

Feel free to request more pairing/location prompts in the comments.
Title "In Our Bedroom After the War"
Fandom Harry Potter
Character(s) Hermione Granger (/Ron Weasley)
Rating T
Summary Hermione, before and after. (Written for the Awesome Ladies ficathon.)

Once, a war ended and Dedalus Diggle launched the stars over Kent.Collapse )
25 July 2009 @ 03:44 am
Title Problem Solving
Fandom Harry Potter
Pairing Neville/Luna
Prompt Fire Escape (fireworkfiasco)
Summary Neville plants a garden.
Author's Note I don't know that I've written any of these characters before (pretty sure I haven't), so hopefully this isn't too out of character. And again with the rustiness. Also, while all the plants mentioned are either real or taken from HP canon, I made up the effects.

Neville had known it was a bad idea to grow a magical garden on the fire escape...Collapse )
24 July 2009 @ 12:58 am
Title Time
Fandom Harry Potter
Pairing Harry/Ginny
Prompt Kitchen (from spybarbie)
Summary Post-Battle of Hogwarts. Harry and Ginny in the kitchen at the Burrow.
Author's Note I haven't written anything in awhile, so please excuse any rust stains.

It's been years, Harry thinks...Collapse )
Title The Touch, The Feel
Rating a mild M, I think.
Fandoms Gilmore Girls & Gossip Girl
Pairing Jess Mariano/Blair Waldorf
Prompt Mirror @ choco_cherries
Word Count 376

They're in a fight.Collapse )
13 April 2009 @ 04:23 pm
These were written for the OTP central challenge hazyflights put up, the first from a prompt and the second just 'cause when I think OTP, I think Literati.

doctor who, sally sparrow/ten, simple, pgCollapse )

gilmore girls, rory/jess, pgCollapse )

As always, I love and welcome comments.
Title I Am Sorry to Tell You
Fandoms Gilmore Girls, Lost
Characters/Pairings Rory/Jess, Ensemble
Rating PG-13/R-ish
Spoilers Through “LaFleur.”
Word Count 8,262
Summary Around her, people are screaming. Fires are burning. A man gets sucked into the engine, 30 feet away, and there’s an explosion, louder than anything else, and brighter. Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano go down with Oceanic flight 815.
Notes I’ve never written Lost fic before, but I’ve written a lot of Gilmore Girls, so this is sort of something new. This is also the longest one-shot I’ve ever written (24 pages!). I hope it’s free of continuity errors, as I tried to keep it as loyal to what we’ve seen on the show as possible (I just finished rewatching the entire series in order, I had a friend–ourfall–read over the first 10-ish pages a few weeks back, and I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a Lostpedia tab open in Firefox for fact checking purposes), but it’s entirely possible that things have slipped past me. Unfortunately, since I can’t even begin to guess what’s gonna happen next on this show, the ending could get shot to hell any time, now. Title comes from the Elvis Costello song “This is Hell.” Set after Gilmore Girls season 4 (but Rory never slept with Dean).

The first thing she remembers about waking up is the taste of the sand, packed into the crevices of her molars.Collapse )