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14 August 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Pairing/Location ficlet  
Seth/Veronica, London
for everything_inme

“It’s muggy,” he’s saying, as they step out onto the street. “Is it supposed to be muggy? Because my lifelong exposure to television and movies has taught me differently.”

They’d left the hotel that morning looking like the worst sort of tourists in shorts and Hearst t-shirts, her oversize camera slung across her chest and both of them smelling like sunblock.

Her guidebook had told her that there was more to London weather than rain and fog and the sort of chill that left you certain you’d contracted pneumonia, especially in the middle of July, but, though she’d hated to admit it, she’d had expectations, too, and neither of them had been all that prepared for the weather to be quite so hot. She could feel a bead of sweat as it slowly slipped down her spine. It was awful.

“If you stopped complaining about it maybe you wouldn’t be so hyper-aware,” she snaps, less than thrilled with Seth’s ongoing monologue, charting his level of discomfort on an upward trajectory.

“Sorry,” he says. “I forgot that heat makes you so temperamental.”

And she has to smile a little bit at the pun, even though she insists on hiding it behind a large map as she attempts to locate the British Museum. Or, really, any building where they’re likely to find air conditioning and the opportunity to load up on postcards.

“I hate you,” she mumbles, in a way that means “I really don’t.”

“Yeah you do,” he says with a smile.

And they walk on.

Feel free to request more pairing/location prompts in the comments.